Learn About Pearls

The Pearl Buying Guide will take you through questions you may have and introduce you to various terms so that you can make your purchase with confidence and the knowledge that you are getting the best product available for your budget.
Types of Pearls

Pearls do not have fixed nomenclature as is evident in other gemstones and precious stones. Most pearls used in jewelry today are cultured pearls. Pearls are therefore classified according to the environment they were grown in. Cultured pearls are grown either in freshwater or saltwater.

Luster of Pearls

When light reflects off the built up layers of nacre on a pearl it creates a remarkable effect, making the pearl appear to glow with an inner shine. This glowing effect is known as lustre and is a determining factor in the quality and price of pearls and pearl jewelry.

Shapes, Color and Size of Pearls

Pearls come in a range of shapes and size. The general rule is that the most desirable shape is perfectly round and anything less than this is considered to be of a lower value. However off-round or near-round pearls are often excellent value as their slightly imperfect shapes can easily be disguised by clever presentation or setting.

Grading of Pearls

There is no universally recognized grading system in the pearl industry. There are however a number of methods that have been adopted by different retailers and producers within the industry to help their customers in selecting the best pearls. This system grades pearls from A to AAAA, with AAAA being the finest.

Pearl Care

Quality pearls are very durable but they still require care to keep their beauty and luster pristine. There are various methods you can use to care for your pearl jewelry and we guide you through these processes.

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