Grading of Pearls

Is there any method of grading pearls so that I can have an expert opinion on what I am buying?

There is no industry wide grading system in the pearl industry. There are however a number of methods that have been adoptedby different retailers and producers within the industry to help their customers in selecting the best pearls. This system grades pearls from A to AAAA, with AAAA being the best.

We have adopted this method to help its customers make the best purchase possible, below is a guide to how this system works:

Grade A

Good pearls with an off-round shape. The surface may have small marks or imperfections but the imperfections are difficult to spot unless the pearls are studied very closely. The luster of A grade
pearls is good.

However we do not carry any Grade A Pearls.

Grade AA

Very good pearls with near-round shapes. The surface is clean and without any significant imperfections. The luster of AA grade pearls is very good and these pearls represent excellent value for money. They look terrific and the near-round shape is very difficult to spot when the pearls are being worn.

Grade AAA

This grade reflects excellent quality pearls which have very good roundness. The pearl surfaces are clean. The luster of the pearls is excellent, and possesses a mirror-like quality consistently from pearl to pearl.

Grade AAAA

Pearls in the AAAA category represent the best that pearls can offer. These pearls are extremely lustrous and sparkling. AAAA grade pearls have excellent roundness. The surface of each pearl is extremely clean. The luster presents a perfect mirror-like reflection and is consistent from pearl to pearl. These pearls are rare and command much higher prices than the other grades.

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